Bucket List

My Bucket List.

1. Learn to play the piano
2. Go to New York!
3. See a show on Broadway
4. Eat at the Alice in magic world in Japan
5. Go on a cruise
6. Ride an elephant
7. Volunteer for a summer abroad
8. Attend university
9. Ride a camel (again)
10. Visit Paris
11. Backpack through america
12. Drive down route 66
13. Right an article for a well know fashion magazine
14. Run a marathon
15. Swim with Dolphins
16. Sit on the Hollywood sign
17. Move away
18. Make a difference to someone's life
19. Visit as many touristy places as i can
20. Make a scrap book
21. Have a good job/career
22. Own Louboutin's
23. Own a Celine bag
24. Be happy in my own skin
25. Spend a whole day doing in signification things with someone special
26. Pick where i travel by throwing a dart at a map
27. Knit a christmas jumper
28. Ice skate in Central Park
29. Drink form a coconut
30. Attend wireless festival
31. Take a surfing lesson

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